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Today, we wanted to give you a little history lesson into why we started ARGOS. What lead us to build this Cloud Security SaaS in a time where there seemingly already are so many others around?

Tools are not made for Consultants

Our founder David has been a cloud security consultant for over a decade helping organisations across multiple continents be secure, safe, compliant, and successful in their chosen cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, AWS). For the majority of that time, he has also been a Microsoft MVP for Azure.

Although cloud providers have greatly improved their security offerings to customers, as a consultant, David would often be introduced to an environment without any of these services set up or properly configured.

In order to assess these environments for their security and compliance posture became increasingly difficult with the scale and diversity of modern cloud environments. In addition to this, organisations would not always grant an external party permission to make changes (configure security services) for an assessment.

Existing open-source tools helped a lot, initially, in finding “obvious” issues (“RDP open from the internet”), but with increasing scale and complexity of customer environments it just is not helpful to tell the customer “you have 323 Virtual Machines with RDP open”. Prioritisation based on the actual customer context was important, and tools lacked this or were, and still are, not fit for purpose. They were not able to help with the “what is the risk to my environment?” question without lengthy, manual investigations.

This resulted, over and over again, in David trying to find products made for consultants, technically and commercially, to help out in these situations. While there might have been, and some still exist, products that could have helped, these were artificially priced high to target Enterprise teams, or just would not fit the single user / small team use case.

Real Alternatives for Cloud Consultants

David and a small team of consultants and developers started work on building a real alternative specifically built for cloud consultants.

A tool that will allow any consultant and contractor to have a full view of what is happening in their customers' cloud environments, with just a handful of clicks, within a few minutes, and without making any lasting changes to the cloud environment.

Over 1000 code releases (Pull Requests) later and many, many meetings and trials with experts in the field we are happy to release ARGOS out into the wild.

Many cloud consultants already use ARGOS successfully within their customer projects, and even Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) have become aware of ARGOS and are using it within their managed services to ensure compliance and security for their customers.

Consultants are now able to create compliance and security assessments within minutes, including the creation of meaningful diagrams, identification of lateral movement paths, and overprivileged cloud identities. On top of that, receive remediation recommendations out of the box.

As former consultants ourselves we also understand that talking to Sales teams is not high on anybody’s list. So, head on up to the “Sign In” button and register to ARGOS for a free trial. No credit card required, super easy.

See your first cloud assessments within the next 5 minutes. That’s how long it takes most of our customers from reading these lines here, to seeing their results.

Have fun.