About Us

ARGOS aims to simplify and strengthen cloud security, by creating a visual map of security vulnerabilities, to your priceless information stored in any cloud provider environment.

While you struggle to make sense of an endless list of security alerts, trying to figure out priorities and risks impact, ARGOS will present you in real-time, a coherent visual threats map, and offer to remediate them at a touch of a button without an impact.

ARGOS makes any cloud environment robust and secure while relieving IT and Security teams to their tasks, enabling our automated system to save time, reduce cost and remove risks successfully.
We take pride in effectively resolving cloud security threats, utilizing our expert team, state of the art architecture and visualization, as well as being trusted by dozens of security experts, service providers and customers.

Meet The Team

david o'brien argos founder


CEO & Founder

Advisory Board


Toby Alcock

Group CTO, Logicalis


Tal Catran

Tech Innovation Expert

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